November 25, 2020

Master the Art of Meaningful Gift Giving

By Stephanie Edwards
Master the Art of Meaningful Gift Giving | Highland Ridge Decor

Giving meaningful gifts is a special way to show others how much you care.  Here is a list of simple ways to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you this holiday season!

1. Listen + Observe

You may be surprised how easy it is to give meaningful gifts when you pay attention during everyday conversations and ask questions when getting to know someone. Something as simple as a coffee order, favorite color or note of personal style can help indicate what kind of gift someone may like! We recommend writing these things down or making a note in your phone each time you learn something new about someone to refer back to later for helpful insights!

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2. Ask Yourself Meaningful Questions 

  •  Will this gift make a person feel known?
  •  Does this gift represent a story or have a deeper meaning behind it?
  •  Will this gift bring a sense of connection?

Meaningful gift giving is about making the other person feel known and loved, appreciated and cared for - when we find something that reminds us of someone, it is important to make sure it truly represents the other person and our relationship with them, we can do this by taking the time to ask ourselves a few meaningful questions about the other persons hobbies, interests, personality, lifestyle and passions!

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3. Love is in the Details 

Something as small as adding a ribbon or handwritten card can make your gift that much more meaningful. Taking the time to add a little thought and care to your gift goes a long way!

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4. Handmade Gifts

Handmade elements add something special to gift giving. Whether you make a gift yourself or have it made, there is an extra feel of thoughtfulness and personalization you can't find anywhere else!

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 5. Give from the Heart

It truly is the thought that counts, the act of giving in itself is thoughtful - so don't put too much pressure on 'the perfect gift,' often times it can be the smallest of gestures that are the most meaningful! 

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Master the Art of Meaningful Gift Giving

We hope these tips on giving more meaningful gifts helped you and would love to hear about your own suggestions and experiences of gift giving. Comment below to share!

With love, from our home to yours

 Master the Art of Meaningful Gift Giving

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