September 23, 2021

10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel

By Stephanie Edwards
10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel | Highland Ridge Decor

Tea towels have so many helpful purposes, making your kitchen more practical + beautiful! Here we have compiled a list of our 10 favorite uses!

1. Line serving basket or tray⁠

The most classic way to show of a beautiful towel while entertaining!  Place a tea towel on the inside of a basket or serving tray before filling with homemade bread or rolls to add a touch of warmth to your dinner table!

2. Cover food + dishes

Use a tea towel to keep baked good warm: like scones, biscuits + rolls⁠.

3. Arrange as napkins or casual placemats⁠

Decorate with tea towels by arranging them as napkins for a more inspired tablescape! 

4. Use as tea pot cozy to keep tea or coffee warm⁠

Wrap tea towels around tea, coffee or hot cocoa to keep mugs warm + hands burn free.

5. Set under cutting board to prevent slipping when chopping⁠

A great kitchen hack! Dampen tea towel + set under cutting board to keep in place while safely using cutting board.

6.⁠ Wrap gifts

Wrapping tea towels around a gift is a thoughtful, fun way to bundle + give!  They make a beautiful single-use wrapping alternative, and perfect for gifting items like olive oil, handmade soaps or baked goods⁠, as well as coffee mugs!

7. Place between pots + pans

Placing tea towels between pots + pans protects your cookware from scratches when stored.

8. Reusable + washable⁠ cleaning cloths

Cultivate sustainable practices by reusing tea towels for cleanups + everyday use! 

9. Give as party favor

After hosting event or dinner, tea towels make the sweetest keepsake to take home after a wedding shower or get together!

10. Insert in drawers + cupboards

Line refrigerator or kitchen drawers with tea towels to protect surfaces + display beautiful patterns! 

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10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel

⁠We hope you enjoyed these fun, simple practices! What are your favorite ways to use tea towels? Let us know in the comments!⁠

⁠Sending warm greetings, from our home to yours⁠⠀

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