April 22, 2021

Our Sustainability Promise

By Stephanie Edwards
Our Sustainability Promise | Highland Ridge Decor
We really like this planet and try to take care of it the best we can.  
In our home life that looks like recycling, cutting down on single-use plastics, and trying to make as many green choices that we can.  As a business that makes and sells new things, we embrace the challenge of having an earth-conscious brand.
What that looks like for us is: using as little plastic as possible, using responsible materials for our products and packaging, and reusing as much as we can.
Let's start at the beginning!  Our steel is 100% recyclable, so not only are we able to sell our scraps to be recycled and turned into new metal goods, but our metal art can be recycled if/when customers are finished enjoying it!  We also consciously source our other goods: our tea towels are 100% cotton and sewn in a fair trade factory.  Further, our candles are paraben-free soy wax with natural clean burning wood wicks sourced from an independent non-profit that protects forests, each purchase goes toward helping us plant a tree! We use concrete and glass containers, re-using glass when we can.
highland ridge rustic home decor handmade metal home decor
We are constantly learning new ways to make the greener choice and are always on the lookout for better ideas!  Great examples of that are with our packaging choices.  Corrugated cardboard boxes are a staple in shipping, and are wonderfully recyclable!  We began with using traditional plastic packaging tape, but recently shifted to paper tape with cotton string reinforcement.  It was a win for the planet because there is no plastic, and a win for us because we get to put beautiful art on our tape now!
Another staple in shipping is plastic bubble bags. These, however, are not a great choice but it was hard to find an alternative.  Thanks to the green movement, new sustainable options are available every day, so we are slowly moving to cardboard envelopes lined with shredded newspaper for cushion, as well as thin "bio plastic" bags made from corn that are 100% compostable!  How cool is that?For cushioning within our shipments, we opt for brown kraft paper because white paper has been through extra chemical bleaching-- and is more expensive!  If we need more cushion, we collect and re-use plastic air bubbles from shipments we receive (thanks, Amazon!) to reuse, or we make our own cushion from shredding cardboard waste-- getting one more use of it before it gets recycled by our customers down the line.
highland ridge rustic home decor handmade metal home decor
Making green choices is an exciting challenge because we get to look for new ways to serve our planet, our customers, and our bottom line.  It takes a little extra effort, but we're happy to do our part to respect our Mother Earth!
With love, from our home to yours!
Our Sustainability Promise

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