September 29, 2021

Let me introduce you to my sister

By Stephanie Edwards
Let me introduce you to my sister | Highland Ridge Decor

If creating a business is like having a baby, (I’ve done both, so I can confidently say “yes”), then Highland Ridge has a sister!  Meet Jubilee Trading Co.

Stephanie Edwards, Jubilee Trading Co.

While Highland Ridge is a partnership with me (Stephanie), my dad Steve, and other local artisans, Jubilee Trading Co. is a partnership between myself and artisans in Morocco, currently providing handmade leather goods.

These sister businesses look fairly different, but are made of the same stuff.  While Highland Ridge has brought freedom, growth and creativity to my life, I wanted to share that lifestyle with others.  That’s why Highland Ridge partners with other talented makers locally, but also why I wanted to spin off and create something that focuses on others.

Jubilee Trading Co. currently partners with a group of leather artisans in rural Morocco.  This talented group of people already had great skills, but in a small community without a lot of options, they had nowhere to sell their goods.  In partnering with them, we work together to develop beautiful home decor and accessories, while creating good jobs with fair wages in this community.

I am passionate about the potential for small business to impact lives for the better, because that has been my exact lived experience. I hope that you, as consumers, understand how much power YOU have as you spend your money.  I can build businesses, but in order to change lives, someone has to buy our goods.  

Thank you.  You made this happen.  You, especially as a customer loyal enough to get my emails, are directly responsible for this exciting impact.  You are changing lives for the better as you choose to shop small and intentionally.  YOU are a world changer.

I invite you to get to know Jubilee Trading Co. at our website and social media channels and follow our exciting journey of impact in this community in Morocco.  And again, thank you for choosing to purchase goods that elevate lives!

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