October 15, 2020

Houseplant Best Practices

By Stephanie Edwards
Houseplant Best Practices | Highland Ridge Decor

Plants and interior design go hand in hand, and here at Highland Ridge we specialize in both! Growing indoor plants is a practice close to our heart and we are excited to share a few tips and tricks we have learned along the way with you!

1. Confidence 

The key to a greener home can be very simple, a little knowledge is all you need. Applying these simple steps is a great place to start-- we believe in you! 

Metal Cactus Silhouette

2. Water

A helpful guide to follow when watering plants: the thicker the leaves of a plant are, the less water it will need. Different plants have different needs; once you find the plant you like, it's a good idea to do a little research on ways you can help that specific species thrive!

Bumble Bee Plant Stake

3. Light

Direct sunlight is often too harsh for many houseplant plants. Most species prefer softer, indirect sunlight. You can always adjust depending on how your plant looks. If the leaves are developing "singed" crispy brown spots, move the plant away from the front of a window or strong light source. If it is looking pale or yellow, dropping leaves, or has "leggy" elongated growth, try setting it by a window or in a bright room with plenty of natural sunlight.

Bohemian Sun Wall Art

4. Consistency

Plants love a stable environment, sometimes when we rearrange our space we can accidentally disrupt its new habitat. If your plant looks happy in a certain area, we recommend trying not to move your plant too often and upsetting the balance by changing rooms too frequently. 

Tennessee Tri-Star Metal Art

5.  Roots

Roots are the feeding organ of a plant, it's crucial to keep them happy and healthy! We suggest checking plant roots at least twice a year. Re-pot your plant into a larger container if you notice its roots are outgrowing its current living space. Also try using a soil that is specifically suited for your plant.

Houseplant Best Practices

6. Pruning

Never hesitate to remove fading foliage. As plants grow, it is typical for them to shed their old leaves. Removing these will help encourage new regrowth and allow the plant to redirect its energy.

Monstera Leaf Christmas Tree Ornament

7. Houseplant Containers + Pots

We recommend only using containers with a drainage hole. All plants need drainage and will likely rot without it.

Luckily, we can help with that! Our farmhouse white concrete planter comes with a drainage hole, plant tray, and an add-on macrame hanger ideal for homes with pets, children or little extra space.

White Concrete PlanterWhite Concrete Planter


We would love to know if this helped you, and hear about your own tips and tricks on your houseplant best practices.  Comment below to share!

With love, from our home to yours.

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