June 14, 2022

Highland Ridge Gives Back

By Stephanie Edwards
Highland Ridge Gives Back | Highland Ridge Decor

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re honored to finally be able to announce Highland Ridge Decor’s giveback program!  Steve and Stephanie set up shop in 2016 as a fun father-daughter side gig, and actually didn’t intend for it to grow into the thriving business it is today.  What a happy accident!  

Our sister brand was born with much more intentionality.  Our owner, Stephanie, began Jubilee Trading Co. in 2019 out of a desire to create freedom and opportunity for people who have less access to dignified work.  We believe in the old adage that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not, and we hope to bridge that gap where we can.

Jubilee Trading Co Partners

Jubilee currently partners with a small group of leather artisans in Morocco who are skilled in what they do, but previously lacked access to the American marketplace. Because of our partnership, they’ve had consistent work during tumultuous pandemic seasons and have benefited from the stability of our relationship.

In the beginning, profits from Highland Ridge Decor funded Jubilee Trading Co’s startup expenses and got the new business off the ground.  Now, Jubilee enjoys a loyal customer base and consistent orders that make it sustainable on its own!  Because of this new stability on our end, we are excited to create opportunities in a new way.

Jubilee Trading Co water well

While our work provides consistent income to our partners, we are happy to share that we are now able to give back to our partners out of our profits to serve their community.  We now send 10% of our annual profit to a close, trusted non-profit partner in Morocco who uses these funds for projects like building and maintaining wells in rural villages, helping to fix roofs, or aid with medical bills.  The money that we were recently able to send out of our 2021 profits is enough to fully build and install a well (like the one pictured here) or to build a roof on a house that needs to be replaced.  It is really exciting to have this kind of impact through our work, and we are very excited about new opportunities on the horizon.



Without your purchases, we would have none of this to give.  It is because of your loyal support and intentional purchasing that this impact is happening and lives are being touched.  We will continue to work to create beautiful goods to bring you joy, while looking for ways for this work to serve people beyond ourselves.

Here, everyone is family.  That is Steve and Stephanie, our team, our partners, our customers, and our neighbors.  Even our neighbors who live an ocean away.

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Stephanie Edwards, Jubilee trading co

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