Hand-Poured Soy Candle - Apple Cinnamon "Sweater Weather"


Our hand-poured soy candles are carefully crafted to bring comfort and warmth to your home.

This "Sweater Weather" holiday scent is a cozy buttery apple cinnamon that will have you dreaming of happy gatherings with endless pies and cider.

Candle is 6oz for an approximate 36 hour burn time with our wooden wick.

Container is hand-poured premium "farmhouse white" concrete with a lid. Perfect to later use as a planter or miscellaneous container.

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Sweater Weather: cozy buttery apple cinnamon
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A blend of pure essential oils + natural fragrance oils. Phthalate free, paraben free + cruelty free.

100% natural, not processed in anyway, non-toxic + clean burning. Our wicks are sourced from an independent non-profit that protects forests, each purchase goes toward helping us plant a tree! Wooden wicks offer a cleaner burn than alternative wicks, + best of all... they crackle!

Natural soy wax

Candle Care
The first time lighting the candle, we recommend burning until there is a full melting pool (when the surface of the candle has completely melted to the edges.) This usually takes 2-3 hours + will help prevent "tunneling" so your candle can last longer! Once cooled, remove blackened tip before relighting.

Safety First
Each candle includes a warning label on the bottom + a care card to ensure proper usage. As a friendly reminder, always trim wick before each use, do not burn all the way down (leave approximately 1/2 inch), never burn for more than 4 hours or leave unattended.

The Grace Cove Collection
Grace Cove was created by a member of the Highland Ridge family + is inspired by the Bible verse Isaiah 40:1 which says, 'comfort, comfort my people…' Our cozy hand-knit blankets, hand-poured soy candles + handmade home decor all represent a desire to bring comfort to others. We believe love is found in the details + little things of everyday, so our hope is to help you create a calm place filled with love + warmth for yourself + others.

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