About Us


Stephanie Edwards and her father, Steve Dixon, are the driving forces behind this shop.

The Dixons are a farming family in middle Tennessee, based on Highland Ridge Road. In Steve’s “mid-life crisis,” he didn’t buy a fancy car or a lake house, but he had his heart set on a plasma cutter to make his own tools and machinery parts. As a graphic designer, Stephanie saw this as an opportunity to turn her designs into metal art, and Highland Ridge Rustic Decor was born.

They began selling online in early 2016, and the business quickly grew into a full-time job for Stephanie and a serious side-gig for Steve.  Stephanie runs the store and designs all of the art, and Steve applies the elbow grease to make it all happen.

If you have a custom creation that you would like made just for you, we would be happy to bring that to life for you!
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